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LRA Bodenseekreis

hospitality design

Juice, salad and bite-size facts. Lemons float. Unlike limes, which sink in water. This kind of knowledge is what the pupils of the Friedrichshafen Vocational College learn while enjoying a refreshing lemonade or a cola in their new canteen. Because they can read it on the walls. Which were designed by atelier 522 – along with the rest of the space. The concept: interesting facts instead of boring décor, »packaged« in appealing typography. This creates an overall atmosphere that turns the school cafeteria into a bistro, or a place to hang out – with an urban character and its own quiet corners. The result is a productive place for creative breaks and an improved space for intellectual discussions in a stylish setting.


where: Friedrichshafen | Germany

service phase: 1 - 8

floor area: 365m²

construction time: october 2012 - july 2013