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We are a creative agency of architects, interior designers, product designers, graphic designers and photographers. In close cooperation and under one roof we turn ideas into a reality: yours and ours.

Years of experience and a pronounced passion for design define the way we think and work. From the design to the finished product, which doesn’t necessarily have to have four walls. What would the world look like if everything was just practical and logical? Would there still be room for sweets and merry-go-rounds in a world like that? Wouldn’t everyone prefer to eat more ice cream and less spinach?


atelier 522 is a place where people can bring all of their energy, knowledge, talent and ideas, in order to design the things they dream of. Our creative enthusiasm will not let us stand still. We are always on the lookout for new forms of expression. Our projects cover the most diverse demands. A variety of functions, concepts, technologies and strategies are significantly responsible for our success.


In order to fulfil these requirements, atelier 522 has established a partner network, which promises our clients a high long-term value and the greatest possible investment security. We would be delighted to work for you. With you. To make you our “partner”. Together with you we want to find out what your steps, or those of your four-legged friend, sound like on the new staircase. Or which material heats up in direct sunlight. How a door handle feels in your hand. Whether a living space should exude cosiness and a sense of security or spaciousness and light.


There are so many exciting questions. Why don’t you join us in our search for the answers?

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