The magic of beauty

In motion

“ […] For surely beau­ti­ful human bein­gs, O Hip­pi­as, and all deco­ra­ti­ons and pain­tings and works of sculp­tu­re, which are beau­ti­ful, delight us when we see them, and beau­ti­ful sounds and music in gene­ral and spee­ches and sto­ries do the same thing. So that if we were to reply to that impu­dent fel­low: “My excel­lent man, the beau­ti­ful is that which is plea­sing through hea­ring and sight.” […] – Hip­pi­as major, 298a

Beau­ty is one of the dri­ving for­ces in the deve­lo­p­ment of man­kind, its art and cul­tu­re. Even the anci­ent Greeks adop­ted the cus­tom of pla­cing a sta­tue of Her­mes or Apol­lo in the bride’s cham­ber, so that the bri­de would have works of art around her in her plea­su­re and pain and bear child­ren of the same beau­ty. La bel­lez­za. So does the secret of life lie in the search for beau­ty? Our inte­rest in this ques­ti­on sweeps us into the vast sea of mea­ning­ful ide­as. To attract atten­ti­on and make waves, we crea­te col­la­ges of emo­ti­on and infor­ma­ti­on – always with an eye for the “beau­ti­ful” and the goal of making a brand successful.

Let’s crea­te more space for oases of beau­ty. Sta­ge-mana­ge, touch the sen­ses. Let’s be a good host – in ana­lo­gue and digi­tal pla­ces of encoun­ter. ate­lier 522

To achie­ve this, we adopt dif­fe­rent per­spec­ti­ves and points of view. Lea­ving well-trod­den paths to make ide­as and visi­ons that can be expe­ri­en­ced by all the sen­ses. Online, off­line and bet­ween the lines. We sta­ge-mana­ge the visi­ble and the invi­si­ble for you. So what “beau­ti­ful” thing can we do for you?

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