For people and nature

In motion

Schil­ler wro­te that beau­ty paves the way from fee­ling to thought – so let us give you some­thing to think about! Ques­ti­ons about future mobi­li­ty and the resul­ting con­nec­ti­vi­ty are chan­ging the indi­vi­du­al demand for space in our urban struc­tures and requi­re appro­pria­te, for­ward-loo­king ide­as. As archi­tects, we demons­tra­te ide­as, crea­te archi­tec­tu­ral sur­faces, limit and defi­ne this space. Working clo­se­ly tog­e­ther in our inter­di­sci­pli­na­ry team, we exami­ne this space from dif­fe­rent per­spec­ti­ves with a view to sti­mu­la­ting the mind and sen­ses of socie­ty in equal measure.

The aim of our archi­tec­tu­re is to con­ti­nue struc­tu­ral deve­lo­p­ments in the city and in the coun­try­si­de in order to crea­te new, aes­the­tic living space. In har­mo­ny with peop­le and natu­re. ate­lier 522

With the inter­play of form and func­tion, light and shadow, nar­row­ness and expan­se, a posi­ti­ve ten­si­on is crea­ted bet­ween man and space. You need to balan­ce every ele­ment of archi­tec­tu­re, from bio­s­phe­res and eco­s­phe­res to ter­ra­forming, other­wi­se the­re is no theat­re and you lose the sen­se of play­ful­ness. Becau­se to come back to Schil­ler and the aes­the­tic edu­ca­ti­on of man: “Man only plays when he is in the ful­lest sen­se of the word a human being, and he is only ful­ly a human being when he plays”.


Sus­tainab­le neigh­bour­hood development
Black Cabin, Stu­dio Chris­toph Sagel