Memorable entrances into the atmosphere

The last junc­tion whe­re we turn off. A long ave­nue lined with pop­lars indi­ca­ting the way. The gent­le rust­ling crunch of the gra­vel dri­ve­way anti­ci­pa­ting our host’s elbow bump, the flowers in the win­dow, red wine stains from past visits … What do we remem­ber after a par­ty? What deter­mi­nes whe­ther we want to come back? In sports shops and salons, restau­rants and fashion houses, phar­maci­es and libra­ries, muse­ums and com­pa­ny head­quar­ters, too? Is it the pro­duc­ts? The advice? The qua­li­ty? All the­se things are important. But the most con­vin­cing invi­ta­ti­on is in the expe­ri­ence of hos­pi­ta­li­ty.

Hos­pi­ta­ble archi­tec­tu­re, spaces, words and aes­the­tics live from a thousand litt­le things – and in the sum the­re­of, sha­ping encoun­ters ins­tead of sales. Faça­de and pave­ment design beco­me a tan­gi­ble invi­ta­ti­on. Doors, deli­ber­ate­ly used, beco­me por­tals that give a clear direc­tion of thrust: to the insi­de … whe­re on a spe­cial coat hook, bet­ter con­ver­sa­ti­ons hang than on pri­ce tags. And out­si­de, a gent­le sound­s­cape can be heard – selec­ted play­lists, in the best case adap­ted to the visi­tors of the moment, or even live artists.*

Atmo­s­phe­re! – that’s how the crew of the Enter­pri­se knew, or rather felt whe­ther they were clo­se to home. Not cheap atten­ti­on, but valu­able and subt­le ges­tu­res of hos­pi­ta­li­ty. On which advice and the pro­duct world can crui­se along, like on a Mis­sis­sip­pi padd­le stea­mer. That make you for­get that we are real­ly only here by chan­ce and are stran­gers here, that our trai­ners do not match the histo­ry of the house or our wal­let doe­s­n’t match this district. Wel­co­me as a guest to a place whe­re we would not have expec­ted it, and every visit beco­mes a cele­bra­ti­on.

* Dis­co­ver more inspi­ra­ti­on and 10 obser­va­tions from the hos­pi­ta­li­ty sec­tor on the new plat­form ‘Zeit­geist’ from shop­fit­ting-spe­cia­list Vizo­na, edi­ted and desi­gned by ate­lier 522.



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You like this?
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